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What is Marketing App ?

Marketing and sales are the main backbone of the business. It is always a hassle for sales executives to manage marketing and sales related data especially they are on field. At the same time, it is very important to make an effective time utilization, easy marketing or sales process and performance.

To boost your business, we are pleased to introduce a Marketing Application which will help your sales executive to have very easy though effective on-field marketing and sales process. It will help to track sales executive activities with time tracking, customer visit, sales order including payment collection with extra feature like expense submission and reminder.


Why Marketing App?

This app will help you to generate a smart work scenario in a timesaving manner. We offer a complete set of tools for managers and employees with a rich-featured and well-structured app. We provide 24*7 technical support and maintenance. Using our app, you can decrease false expenses that can increase your benefits. You will have all upgraded features, like GPS tracking, online attendance, reports, prospective clients' follow-ups, and many more. This will not only keep you updated with real-time activities but also cut your administrative costs. So, don't be a victim of poor management, this app will help you to find the rabbit holes from your work structure and help you to work smartly

Benefits From Smart CA Docs

  • The businesses, where it is difficult to keep an eye on every employee to measure their effectiveness and performance.
  • Manual work of managing tasks, performances and many more things seems time-consuming. So that many times, no one can check false entries, customer visits, and expenses.
  • This app will help all businesses to find, how much worth their employees are creating for the company.
  • With systematic tracking of work and performance, every business can identify and appreciate their hard-working employees.

Marketing App Features

Location tracking

Location tracking of sales executives


In and out attendance of sales executives

Payment collection

Customer visits, sales order, dispatch and payment collection.


Full Featured Dashboard with all admin options


SMS and email notifications


Review date, company and team wise data


Expense management in all features of application


MIS reporting with full data and notes.